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 Ethical Tour Programs Exploring Chiang Mai and
the Ancient Lanna Kingdom, Northern Thailand

Authentic Unique One Day Trips – Please state your choice of trip and level of fitness when contacting us

Scheduled Daily Departures from Monday to Sunday. 8am to 6pm Minimum two persons requirement

Mountain Trails

..”The spititual home of the Lanna people Doi Luang, Doi Chiang Dao is Thailand’s 3rd highest peak..with its striking silhouette erupting from the fertile rice growing plain up into sub-alpine forests..”

Unique Cultural Experiences

..”Hike to visit Red Lahu, Akha and Karen Indigenous villages .. proud hard working People whom we can learn many valuable lifes lessons. Their knowledge and local wisdom pointing to a more simple sustainable exisitance through their beliefs, sense of community and natural farming practices to be at peace and harmony with our planet..”

Learn the Ways of the Thai Elephant

..”Take time to look deeply into an Elephants’ all knowing kindly eyes for these our friends are one of the last remaining links to another maybe better world..”

Hills and Valleys

…” A Kalidescope of ‘ Best of Lanna’ inviting you to taste, interact and experience on a personal level the ‘highlights’…a trip every age group can participate in..”

Contact Caroline for trip details



Authentic Trekking Experiences Exploring the Mountains, Nature  Diverse Cultures and People’s of Chiang Mai, Lanna, Northern Thailand

Additional Unique Animal Watching Programs

November 2012 – June 2013

…By day imagine hiking on mountain trails with your local native guides ….By night following endemic and regional mammals  along trails for some “up close”nocturnal animal watching

Departures during all optimum available dates around the dark phase of the moon following the lunar calendar.

Two days and one night programs

This is as authentic as it gets!

Good level of fitness required

Contact Caroline for all details

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