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Ethical Trading Store….. “Local Wisdom Goods and Wares”™

If you are here on a short visit to Chiang Mai  with limited time to run around the Lanna region to find something special for a  great gift idea to take home, not to worry…here is the store for you with an eclectic collection of unusual, but useful gifts!

More than 20 years of ethical business practice and sustainable community lead projects has made Trekking Collective highly aware of the local wisdom skills that have been passed down over the centuries, the need to preserve and support these traditional hand crafted goods by skilled villagers and artisans along with local naturally grown farm produce …”helping to learn and educate from the past, our future generations.” 

Cooperation and understanding with local community groups producing local quality goods and wares  from a variety of locally sourced materials means that you will know the “story behind the product”™…….giving you confidence to purchase interesting,  unusual and most importantly useful gifts for family, friends and the home. We network and supply small scale local ethically run stores around the world

With a % of profits going towards Trekking Collective’s sustainable on-going rural and urban community projects in northern Thailand …”Connecting Communities”.™

We are in the process of compiling the full list of products. For further information contact or mobile +66 0831523621 for a database of all local wisdom goods and wares.™

Easy to order, already bubble wrapped to be picked up at your convenience on arrival or departure to Chiang Mai. 

 We also source specialized custom items working together with women’s and village community groups throughout the Lanna region.

There is a packing and postal service available for all store products

…………..”Local Wisdom Goods and Wares”™

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