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Study and Stay -TEFL Courses based in Chiang Mai

There is a growing trend globally of a wave of people looking to experience our planet, her people and cultures on a more in depth intimate scale.

The  age of the  ‘Global Nomad’ has arrived and Christianity following in their footsteps.

Global Nomads cross all  political and inspiring.

From 18 to 80, many now  traveling  with children Chiang Mai is a natural base from a few short months or for many settling down here long term or for the majority intending to leave someday, but never quite ever able to go!

Opportunities to study and are arranged  with working visas offered as part of your work stay taking all the hassle out of the long winded time consuming migraine invoking paperwork it takes to stay here legally

Imagine yourself working with a group of high school or university students in Chiang Mai, teaching novice monks at a Temple School or alternatively with a group of indigenous kids in a mountain village.

After work f you’re based in Chiang Mai, you have the whole of  the city to explore easily by bicycle or further a field by motobike once you’ve fathomed out the local road etiquette 🙂

Its pretty cool during your days off to head to the hills for an exciting trip and learn more about the Lanna way of life.

Long weekends and travel opportunities so you can join organised overnight treks traveling with recognised responsible  independent tour operators to places that logistically you would never reach by yourself.

Chiang Mai seems like paradise, compared to a bunch of uncontrollable students from inner London comprehensive trudging to work in miserable freezing grey sleet…get the picture?…but please consider their are cultural differences and pediaphilles that foreigners are also playing a part in.

 There are more than 20 schools promoting TEFL courses as a write, but think wisely though and out the one year visas!
A personal favourite is SEETEFL, accredited by the UK. John the director is originally from the UK and vacancies available in the coming months

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